Model Range

The Pure is designed to offer the maximum payload on a 3.5t chassis without compromising on safety or quality.
The Pure keeps things simple whilst retaining the striking exterior design. With an upgrade to  3.9T we can take the payload further to a massive 1.6T. The living area has a bench seat, saddle racks and open wardrobe and the horse area has everything our other models have including LED lighting, removeable breast bar, extra wide exit doors and luton storage.

The Dynamic has been created for everyday use while still offering the utmost luxury.
The Dynamic can offer sleeping for two and day living facilities. The Dynamic travels 2 horses, rear facing with a payload of up to 1.4T. It includes the removeable chest bar system with extra wide doors as standard but includes the luxury of sink, hob, horsewash, CCTV and reverse camera. To make your box really special add from a long list of extras including full leather, walnut or Piano black cabinets, limo bonded window, 240v hook up and solar panels to name just a few.

The Prestige has everything that the Dynamic has to offer but is 18” longer to include a 4'6 bed giving a total capacity to sleep three.
With the super light panels you can still enjoy a generous payload on 3.9T or upgrade to the 4.5T option to get extra allowance. For staying away it comes with large fridge, hob, sink, toilet, TV and 240 hook up. Of course you can add any of our other extras including hot water, shower, and heating to make a real home from home. 

The Stallion is designed to offer complete Safety, Security and Comfort when traveling.

It is suitable for young or difficult horses as it is complete with a full Stallion set up and no breast bar. A full ramp and loading gates help with difficult loaders therefore helping you travel with ease. 

A grooms area at the back gives you somewhere to sit and relax along with storage for your belongings.

The ICE Vogue is the ultimate in comfort and value, with a finish that will rival some of the most prestigeous builders in the country. 

Built to order, we can keep things simple for a day box or add everything required for stay aways, including hot water, heating, solar, microwave, shower, under floor storage etc. etc.

Payload is paramount, and our most simple design can reach a massive 2 tonnne. Built on low mileage, one owner chassis's as standard choose one of our eye catching designs or create your own for the ultimate in bespoke.